Board Members

Your 2024 WaACRAO board members:

President: Arturo Torres, Central Washington University

Vice President: vacant

Past President: Steve Downing, Bellevue College

Secretary: Kara Simon, DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Treasurer (2-year term preferred): Karen Malella, Central Washington University

Registration Coordinator: vacant

Communications Coordinator: Jonathan Barnett, Whitman College

Web Coordinator: Elizabeth Haden, Central Washington University

Vendor Coordinator(s): Rose Spodobalski-Brower, Central Washington University

Onsite Coordinator: vacant

Hospitality Coordinator: vacant

Conference Program Coordinator: Katie Clements, University of Washington

Sessions Coordinator(s): vacant

Assessment Coordinator(s): Megan Banford, University of Washington Seattle

See brief position descriptions below.

Interested in joining the Board?

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the 2023 WaACRAO Board, please let us know at

The WaACRAO Board is a perfect opportunity to collaborate with an amazing team of colleagues from institutions across Washington and gain awesome experiences as we plan this annual event together, all while having loads of fun!

Here’s a brief description of each of the board positions:

President (part of 3 year cycle) With the support of the Executive Board, the President shall assume full responsibility for all general activities of the Association, oversee preparations for the annual conference, oversee all financial obligations, and approve all Association bills before payment by the Treasurer

Vice President (part of 3 year cycle) The Vice President shall act as the chief assistant to the President and shall succeed to the presidency at the end of the term of the President.

Past President (part of 3 year cycle) The Past President shall serve as adviser to the President, the Executive Board, and to the membership.

Secretary The Secretary shall be the custodian of the records of the Association; and shall keep the minutes of all meetings of Executive Board

Treasurer (2 yr commitment preferred) – Co-manages funds with President and/or Vice President; Issues vendor payments; Tracks income

Registration Coordinator – Manages attendee registration and conference check-in; Name tags; Conference day-of accommodations

Communications Coordinator – MailChimp and Gmail familiarity a plus; Manages all out-going WaACRAO communication and Gmail inbox

Web Coordinator – WordPress familiarity a plus; Keeps conference info and messaging up-to-date as conference planning progresses; Posts post-conference materials; Works with Conference Program Coordinator

Vendor Coordinator(s) – Recruit and serve as primary contact sponsoring vendors (established relationships in place, but open to suggestions for other vendor/conference partner opportunities)

Onsite Coordinator – Typically a person that works at the hosting campus; Organizes space and equipment needs for Conference; Works closely with Hospitality and Sessions Coordinators

Hospitality Coordinator – Works closely with or co-serves as Onsite Coordinator to make food/beverage arrangements; Manages attendee dietary restriction requests; Seeks prizes for and organizes raffle

Conference Program Coordinator – Works closely with Sessions and Web Coordinators to draft and post conference program details (sessions, conference details, raffle info, etc.)

Sessions Coordinator(s) – Facilitates session proposal process and organizes session schedule; Manages presenter communication and day-of needs; Works closely with Program and Onsite Coordinators

Assessment Coordinator(s) – Organizes day-of assessment/feedback surveys; Gathers and organizes submitted survey data