2022 Conference Program

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2022 Conference Agenda

Check in and Colleague Connections7:30 – 8:15
Opening Remarks and Keynote8:15 – 9:00Opening: Amanda Breslin Keynote Speaker: Julia PomerenkAAH Theatre
Session OneTimePresenterRoom Assignment
What Reality TV can say about Our Workplace: Race, Gender, and Inequality9:15‐10:15Garick SherburnArts and Allied Health Building Room 130
Enrollment Management Roundtable9:15‐10:15Melissa Carolus and Jason TrosineCollege Center Building 250
Veterans Education Benefits for Veterans and Dependents9:15‐10:15Cynthia DepoeCollege Center Building 104
Break and Refreshments with Exhibitors10:15‐10:30AAH Theatre Lobby
Session Two10:30-11:30
Leadership Development Institute10:30-11:30Marc BookerArts and Allied Health Bldg 130
FERPA Doesn’t Need to Freak You Out10:30-11:30Helen B. GarrettCollege Center Building 102
Residency and ctcLink10:30-11:30Tanjagay Martin and Serena MurrayArts and Allied Health Bldg 233
Mastering the Art of Change in the Admissions Office10:30-11:30Tiffani RobertsonCollege Center Building 104
Break11:30- 11:45AAH Theatre Lobby
Vendor Session11:45‐12:15
InRoads Analytics – Strengthening Data Analysis Skills in Admissions11:45‐12:15Rina CampbellCollege Center Bldg 102
Paradigm Inc – Diplomas, Done Right: A Comprehensive Credentialing Solution11:45‐12:15Elizabeth KundeCollege Center Bldg 104
Parchment Diploma Services – Elevating the Student Experience11:45‐12:15Laurel RoenbrookCollege Center Bldg 250
CourseDog11:45‐12:15Zach Drollinger and Anthony PappArts and Allied Health Bldg 130
Stellic – Reimagining Degree Audit & Planning to Transform the Student & Staff Experience11:45‐12:15Kevin McKeeverCollege Center Bldg 252
HighPoint Technology SolutionsGeorge Amalor, CEOArts and Allied Health Bldg 233
Lunch12:15 – 1:15College Center Cafeteria
Session Three1:30 – 2:30
Make Meetings More Meaningful and Memorable: Applying Priya Parker’s Art of Gathering1:30 – 2:30Julia PomerenkCollege Center Bldg 102
Transfer Topics1:30 – 2:30Marc BookerCollege Center Bldg 104
Break with Refreshments2:45‐3:15AAH Theatre
Wrap Up and Closing Remarks3:15 – 3:30Amanda Breslin, President and Steve Downing, Vice President/2023 PresidentAAH Theatre
Session Four3:30 – 4:30
Military Student Information Roundtable3:30 – 4:30Andrea VonderscheerCollege Center Bldg 252
Private Registrars of Washington (PROW) Roundtable3:30 – 4:30Michael Pastore and Shea HamiltonCollege Center Bldg 104