Board Members

Meet our 2021 WaACRAO board members:

President: Karen Khuu, University of Washington Seattle

Vice President: Amanda Breslin, Pacific Lutheran University

Past President: Jenny Wheeler, Green River College

Secretary: Pamela Lundquist, University of Washington Bothell

Treasurer: Vacant – 1 position available

Registration Coordinator: Matthew Cartner, Bellevue College

Communications Coordinator: Lindsey Clark, University of Washington Tacoma

Web Coordinator: Navia Winderling, University of Washington Tacoma

Vendor Coordinator(s): Christy Grayum, University of Washington Bothell

Onsite Coordinator: Steve Downing, Bellevue College

Hospitality Coordinator: Vacant – 1 position available

Conference Program Coordinator: Vacant – 1 position available

Sessions Coordinator(s): Amber Brock, Tacoma Community College; Keith Moore, Tacoma Community College

Assessment Coordinator(s): Vacant – 1 position available

Interested in joining the Board?

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the 2021 WaACRAO Board, please let us know at

The WaACRAO Board is a perfect opportunity to collaborate with an amazing team of colleagues from institutions across Washington and gain awesome experiences as we plan this annual event together, all while having loads of fun!