About Us

Mission Statement

To provide for the dissemination of information and the exchange of ideas on state-wide issues of mutual interest to member institutions. To foster a better understanding of the activities of member institutions and to develop a spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and unity in addressing issues of mutual concern. To promote the development of individual participants in areas that will enhance their performance as student services professionals. To enhance communication amongst existing established groups within the state of Washington (private schools, public schools, etc.)


2016 – 2017 WaACRAO Board Members

    • President – Kathy Rhodes, North Seattle College
    • Vice President & Hotel and Hospitality Coordinator – Andrea Coker-Anderson, University of Washington Tacoma
    • Treasurer – Marianne Ramos-Schulze, University of Washington Seattle
    • Web and Communications Coordinator & Interim Co-Treasurer – Karen Khuu, University of Washington Seattle
    • Interim Co-Treasurer – Leland Haig-Widner, University of Washington Bothell
    • Vendors Coordinator – Denise Bennatts, Green River College
    • Sessions Coordinator – David Sundine, University of Washington Seattle
    • Two year Institution Liaison – Karen Bade, Bellingham Technical College
    • Four year Institution Liaison – Mary Dutton, Washington State University Vancouver

2014 WaACRAO By-Laws / 2014 WaACRAO Constitution