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Session TitleDescriptionPresenter(s)
More Than a Driver’s License: How to answer residency questions when you aren’t a residency officerThis roundtable is for non-residency professionals who get a lot of questions about residency and want to be sure they are giving correct advice. The hosts will share some best practices and then open it up to the group to ask questions and share their own institutional processes. Frontline staff who work in admissions, registration, financial aid, and veteran services are encouraged to attend.Gail Wootan, WSAC
and Karen Khuu, University of Washington Seattle
WaACRAO Legislative UpdateCome learn what is happening in Olympia and where the state is going relative to higher education funding and policy. The presentation will focus on the current funding context for public, higher education in Washington and present on key legislation passed in the 2019 session that will impact higher education at the state level today and in the future.Cody Eccles, Director of Government Relations and Business Affairs, Council of Presidents
After Millennials ‐ Connecting with GenX Parents & GenZ StudentsAfter two decades of recruiting and enrolling Millennials (and their Baby Boomer parents) After Millennials raises the importance of learning about and understanding the seismic generational shift happening on college campuses as post‐9/11 Homeland/GenZ and their GenerationX parents are now the target audience. It provides historic background on American generations and key insights into understanding and connecting with this new student/parent cohort, with special attention to your campus visit.Jeff Kallay, Render Experiences
Financial Aid Basics for Registrars and Admission OfficersA colleague encouraged me to consider this session to better familiarize the Registrar and Admission Officer community on basic rules and regulations for administering federal, state, and institutional financial aid, as well as outlining eligibility requirements and varying award sources/types.Bryan Gould, University of Puget Sound
Veterans on Campus: What you need to knowThis presentation is to familiarize the audience with the concerns that veterans bring with them when they first enroll into college and the types of support mechanisms that need to be in place to support not only veterans, but dependents and active duty also. We will briefly touch on issues that veterans experience in the classroom and in dealing with the college structure due to experiences they may have had in their military service such as TBI and PTSD. We will have a panel of veterans to talk about their personal experiences on entering college.Randy Kelley, The Evergreen State College
Building non‐hierarchical professional support through peer mentorship: the meetings will continue until morale improvesEngaging with colleagues through a non‐hierarchical peer mentoring relationship is an opportunity for people at all stages of their careers to support each other with empathetic listening, supportive accountability, and thoughtful critique. Peer mentorship provides opportunities to collaborate and share insights about both personal and organizational challenges outside of formal hierarchical relationships. This practice provides space to creatively brainstorm new solutions to workplace challenges while allowing for open reflection and personal and professional growth. Attendees are invited to share their experiences of peer‐mentorship and learn from the ideas of others. While the presenters’ draw from their own experience in librarianship, the information is transferable across professions.Ben Tucker, University of Puget Sound
PACRAO’s Leadership Development InstitutePACRAO has initiated a Leadership Development Institute (LDI) as a year‐long development opportunity for emerging leaders in the professional arenas that PACRAO serves. PACRAO wants to play a key role in shaping its membership through thought leadership, professional development, and streams of development that encourage a broader spectrum of professionals to grow in the profession. This session covers the experience and progress of the LDI in its first year.James Miller, Seattle University
For Independent Colleges of Washington member campuses, the Changing Landscape in Higher Education PolicyA round table discussion on the changing landscape in higher education policy concerns as it pertains to private, not‐for‐profit institutions in Washington State. Terri Standish-Kuon, Independent Colleges of Washington
Best Practices for Recruiting and Supporting Underrepresented High School StudentsThe demographics are changing in Southwest Washington and our traditional practices are not appropriately serving our students. If we rely on college fairs and email campaigns, we would be neglecting a huge swath of our population. Instead, WSU Vancouver has implemented a hands‐on approach for the recruitment and support of underrepresented students by building relationships, removing barriers, and working to gain the trust of our local students. This session will explore the culturally competent recruitment methods used by WSU Vancouver in Southwest Washington. Learn about the barriers we face, the methods we have implemented, the lessons learned and the results we have achieved.Esmy Farias, Colton Lindelof, Julie Mercado, and
Tara Starr, Washington State University Vancouver
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Innovate the Registrar's Office:   How Parchment Award can streamline your diploma servicesHolly Luky and Chris Hart, Parchment
End-to-End Transcript Automation, Customization and Premier Service – Why Credentials Solutions is the Industry LeaderNot all transcript automation is created equal. Find out why Credentials Solutions is the premier provider of end-to-end transcript automation, streamlining the complex transcript process from ordering to delivery. With cutting-edge technology and renowned customer service, our innovative solutions are customized to meet the needs of your institution. Learn how transcript automation from Credentials Solutions can save your school time and money while benefiting your staff, students, and alumni.Margaret Freeman, Credential Solutions
Build Better Campus VisitsSince 2006, Render Experiences has helped over 250 colleges and universities create campus visit experiences that strategically align with key enrollment targets. We'll introduce you to Render, talk about the state of the campus visit while showcasing recent client successes and direct you to our campus visit resources available to help your institution build better campus visits.Jeff Kallay, Render Experiences
Tour of Evergreen State CollegeThis session is perfect for those who want to stretch their legs after lunch. Take a guided tour of the beautiful Evergreen State College campus and see all that it has to offer. Meet your tour guide in front of the Longhouse.Evergreen Tour Guide
Birds of a Feather RoundtableCome join colleagues from your peer institutions in this roundtable session to discuss hot topics, campus concerns, and best practices in higher education.Amber Brock, Tacoma Community College
Self-care for Registration and Admission staffDo you struggle with work-life balance? Need ideas on how to avoid burnout? Come to this session for some strategies on self-care to deal with these challenges, which come with our work in Admissions and Registration.Beth Schurmans, The Evergreen State College
FERPA Time: Hot Topics, Accidental Breaches, and Other Delicate ScenariosAll of us who have access to student data are responsible for being compliant with the Department of Education’s Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Quite often it can be scary and intimidating when we do not know what we can release to whom and why. This session will highlight the hot topics and delicate scenarios that can occur with FERPA, while providing training and refreshing on the FERPA laws for both the novice and experts among the WaACRAO membership.Dr. Helen B. Garrett, University of Washington Seattle
Sharing Info with Students: The Communication
Over the last two years Shoreline Community College has developed a communication plan for new and continuing students. Using a combination of methods, we communicate information related to important quarterly dates, financial aid deadlines, graduation, financial literacy, and more, tracking open rates and click‐throughs. Whether you’re considering developing a communication plan or already have one in place, this is your opportunity to learn how to get started, what communications and methods are effective, and those that didn’t get the hoped for response.Chris Melton, Shoreline Community College
A Deep Dive into Dual Credit State Policy from a
Public Baccalaureate Perspective
Dual credit chatter is at an all‐time high in the news, at the dinner table, bills, and in policy discussions across sectors and state agencies. The presentation will focus on the most recent history and happenings around dual credit,where we are, the impact and questions for further consideration.Dr. Julie Garver, Director of Policy and Academic
Affairs, Council of Presidents
Latin@ Center for Higher Education (L@ CHE): Retention Program for Self‐Identified Hispanic/Latinx StudentsIn 2012, the Latin@ Center for Higher Education (L@ CHE) was created and developed at Highline College. Its mission was to increase the enrollment, retention, and completion number of for‐credit self‐identified Hispanic/Latinx students. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create essential programming (i.e., Latin@ Summit, Speaker Series, Latino Club) strategies, college‐level Latinx Experience curriculum, and analyze program quantitative and qualitative data.Cesar Rangel, Bellevue College