2017 WaACRAO Conference Keynote Speaker

Colman Joyce – Vice President for Professional Development, PACRAO

Colman Joyce brings a unique background to PACRAO and is currently serving as the Vice President for Professional Development. Colman has 16 years of experience in student affairs at a variety of institutions, including Marylhurst University, Oregon Health & Science University, Clark College, and most recently Dean of Enrollment and Student Services atUniversity of Western States in Portland Oregon. Colman’s experiences are primarily in Strategic Enrollment Management, outreach, registration, student life, student conduct, academic marketing, orientation, admissions, communication plans, environmental scanning, retention work, and student advising. Colman earned his Ph.D. in Adult and Community Education from National University of Ireland, Maynooth. During his time as Associate Dean of Enrollment Management at Clark College, Colman led the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Committee and has worked with teams to develop initiatives such as Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration, and First Year Advising. Colman has implemented three Customer Relationship Management systems and has developed student communication plans to facilitate increased retention of prospects to matriculation. As a member of Oregon and Washington ACRAO (OrACRAO, WaACRAO), PACRAO, and AACRAO for more than 16 years, Colman has served as a presenter and facilitator numerous times on many subjects, particularly SEM for community colleges. He has also served in leadership roles within PACRAO, OrACRAO and WaACRAO including Executive leadership within both organizations. He has served for many years on program committees, local arrangement committees, state task forces, higher education consortiums, and state planning committees. Colman served four years in the United States Coast Guard and won multiple awards for valor, service to the nation, and meritorious team awards. He has experienced first-hand what it is like to be an active military/veteran and the unique issues this group faces in attending college. Dr. Joyce has served as an AACRAO Junior Consultant since 2015.